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Up the airy mountain ,down the rushy glen we darent go a-hunting for fear of little men ! Wee folk good folk trooping all together, green jackets, red caps and white owl's feather !
Fairies and Leprechauns

Origin of the Leprechauns; In the mists of pre-history, Ireland was first occupied by the Tuath De Dannan ( the tribe of the Goddess Danu, or Doni) The Tuatha were sorcerers , druids and magicians. They could work spells and magic. They watched suspiciously as they saw boatloads of ferocious Celts landing on the beach. They disagreed as to whether they should engage in confrontation or just disappear from view ! Before they could agree a strategy, the Celts were upon them, killing almost all the Tuath warriors !  The Tuath sorcerers then stirred up a thunderous storm with sleet fog and rain. They cast their spells to sound like thousands of warriors, and they offered the Celts a ' chance' to save themselves from their 'ghost warriors'. They would have to agree a treaty ! It was agreed that all the land of Erin would be divided equally. This the Tuath agreed to, but the Celts negotiator who was a poet and a crafty old druid, then declared that the Celts would have all the land of Erin on the surface and the Tuath De Danann would have all the land of Erin under the surface, Thus Ireland was divided equally ! Albeit trickery and deception. The Tuath De Danann had no other option , but to go underground and abide by their agreement ! A few of the Tuath warriors who had escaped the Celts, vowed to cause mischief and mayhem for thousands of years, 'til justice be done ' !  
Please show respect to the Fairies as you would do with family or good friends and you will find , they will bless you with Good Luck !
Fairy Fort Farm
Detail from 'Wikipedia'. The leprechaun originally had a different appearance depending on where in
Ireland he was found.[13] Prior to the 20th century, it was generally held that the leprechaun wore red, not green. Samuel Lover, writing in 1831, describes the leprechaun as,

... quite a beau in his dress, notwithstanding, for he wears a red square-cut coat, richly laced with gold, and inexpressible of the same, cocked hat, shoes and buckles.[14]

According to Yeats, the solitary fairies, like the leprechaun, wear red jackets, whereas the "trooping fairies" wear green. The leprechaun's jacket has seven rows of buttons with seven buttons to each row. On the western coast, he writes, the red jacket is covered by a frieze one, and in Ulster the creature wears a cocked hat, and when he is up to anything unusually mischievous, he leaps on to a wall and spins, balancing himself on the point of the hat with his heels in the air."[15]

According to McAnally,

"He is about three feet high, and is dressed in a little red jacket or roundabout, with red breeches buckled at the knee, gray or black stockings, and a hat, cocked in the style of a century ago, over a little, old, withered face. Round his neck is an Elizabethan ruff, and frills of lace are at his wrists. On the wild west coast, where the Atlantic winds bring almost constant rains, he dispenses with ruff and frills and wears a frieze overcoat over his pretty red suit, so that, unless on the lookout for the cocked hat, ye might pass a Leprechawn on the road and never know it's himself that's in it at all."


( Síodha
or Little people)

Sometimes also called Fairies, they are the inhabitants forts and Raths.
They are cautious about being seen by ordinary human folk.
They are renowned for their agility, musical skills and as shoemakers.
The enchantment of their music has been known to entice people away from humankind to live with the ‘little people’.
The ‘fairy pot of gold’ is the ultimate prize which all are seeking.
But , if you catch a Leprechaun , you must keep an eye on him at all times, or he may disappear !
There are many stories and legends of the Síodha.


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